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There are no tricks to losing weight. 

You will have to work until you feel like you can't give any more energy. Then, you will see results and it will motivate you to keep going. 

So many people ask me, "What do you do?" "How did you lose all the weight?"

I always spend so much time typing it out on Instagram, Facebook, or in email that I thought this would be a great place to break down my mind set from the beginning to where I am right now. 
*Please remember every person is different, and these are ideas that have worked for me over time.(PCOS FIGHTER!) Please try something for 10-14 days before you decide it isn't for you. Trial and error will become your best friend.* 

  1. Drink water like it's your job. Gradually build up to drinking around a gallon of water a day. Getting rid of daily toxins and flushing your system is so important! Hint: Infuse your water with fruits for better taste! 
  2. Focus on raw veggies for tons of fiber. 
  3. If it grows on the ground, on a tree, or is fed from a pasture...great outline to keep! 
  4. Limit bread and pasta made with white flour. Focus on whole wheat pasta & multi grain bread. 
  5. Carbs are your friend, however, moderation is key in a weightloss journey (with every type of food).
  6. Don't ever make yourself feel deprived.
  7. Don't focus on calories, focus on nutrients.
  8. Cravings can often be fulfilled with healthier alternatives. Do lots of research!
  9. Never forget to start each new day with a clean mind and motivated spirit.
  10. Chicken, tilipia, beans, salmon, turkey burgers, and veggie burgers are great sources of protein! 
  11. Try to get all your sugar content from fruit (natural source).
  12. Limit fast food and processed foods (in the grocery store: focus on the outside aisles).
  13. Try to workout 3-6 days a week; rest days are so important
  14. Don't think that lifting weights makes you look like the Hulk. Lifting weights is a great way to burn calories and fat and create lean muscle while losing weight. 
  15. Create a healthy relationship with weights and cardio.
  16. Cheat meals are helpful in the beginning of a journey; they encourage you to work toward a goal. Over time, you will find you won't want to reward you self with food.
  17. Focus on small, attainable goals.
  18. Reward yourself for weight loss, eating clean, working out, or drinking water by doing something you don't normally do. 
  19. Become familiar with what certain foods can do for your body. Understand what is going in so you can feel great when you workout.
  20. Most importantly: learn to read nutritional facts on the back of products. Reading labels is so important. 

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