Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Non Scale Victory!

Today was a great day! It seems like with the more work I put in, the more I see results and feel great because I know I'm doing what it takes to be healthy! 

This morning I was trying to find something to wear (it was a little dreary out again...). I remember about 4 weeks ago I found a size 14 pants from American Eagle in my closet that I bought in high school. I remember I couldn't get them over the tops of my thighs to even try to button them. Feeling brave, I decided I would try again to see what type of progress I've made.

 Now, I can see that my trouble area is definately my tummy always has been, but let me tell ya...I felt so dang good, I didn't care. I was able to button the pants & WALK....I didn't care how big my stomach looked, I was wearing the dang pants! LOL

L: October R: Today
For lunch, I forgot it at home...AGAIN. I think I'm so tired at the end of the night I just don't want to do it. Haha. So, I ran into my bro & sis at the UC on campus and bought the healthiest thing possible. (Refused the wings and pizza and pizza hut!). I ordered a tuna melt (without mayo) topped with swiss cheese on wheat bread. Then I had a medium smoothy of non fat milk, banana, natural peanut butter. It was yummy. I felt full but not heavy! :) 

So, before tonight's workout Laura took a trip down memory lane! The fun part was also putting the pants on and able to pull a few inches away from my stomach! :D She and I wore the same size pants at our heaviest. Size 18. 

So for our workout we did the following:
20 football shuffles (rotating and leaning on each side)
20 elevated push ups
20 squats
15 dips off the coffee table
20 rows with elastic bands

Repeated 3X

Then we did the Jillian Michaels Standing Ab Workout!

Repeated 3X

 Then we went on a walk/hike/jog. We went up the mountain we usually hike. It was a nice cool down while still keep our heart rate going. Then on the way down we did a bit of jogging. My legs and butt were really feeling it so I was sooooo DONE by the time we reached Laura's house! Haha! 

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Happy Happy Happy!

First off: I GOT THE JOB!!!!!! I applied for the position that I've been temping for, for almost a year. I started off as the work study at the Graduate School at the UM in 2011 and now I'm the official Admissions Coordinator at the Graduate School!!!! Whoo hoo!!! So excited! 

I feel secure in my future. I know that 6 months from now, I'll be at the same job. :) 

So, I want to say THANK YOU to every single person on Instagram who has added me on FB and asked to join Laura's group! It's amazing how supportive everyone is and how much people want to change! I can't believe some of you are asking me questions, I will do my best to answer them but I'm still learning so much already. My day was made when a follower on my IG tagged me in this photo. I never thought I could inspire someone...and I'm starting to become really humbled by everyone's comments!

 For dinner I had ground venison burger in lettuce with cheese and tomatoes. It was simple and delicious!! :)

So a new IG friend asked if I would post my workouts that I do with Laura so here is todays:

30 sec jumping jacks
15-20 static lunges with weights with 5 lbs bicep curl
50 donkey kicks (per leg at a time!)
30 second mountain climbers
15 second planks
30 seconds jog in place
 We did this 3 times and then followed it with this workout. We did each exercise in the video 3 times as well. 

 Jason, his brother Matt, Laura and myself did a great workout. :) 

I feel closer to my goals with every single workout. I feel great. I'm approaching my 2 month mark and I can't wait to see where I'll be in 4 months from now!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Another Mile. Another Workout. Another Great Day. Another Win.

So, I woke up this morning and made a yummy breakfast!
I made 2 eggs with spinach, lean turkey, and a sprinkle of cheese on top with a side of half a grapefruit! 

I then decided to check in with my friend, Tamara.(She has a blog too, so click here to follow it). She has lost I believe over 50 lbs and has recently made goals about beating her previous times for running a mile. I wanted to see what she did and didn't do when it came to running (since everyone knows I don't run). She gave me the following advice: listen to your body. So, after I ate and did some morning stretching because yesterday's workout and run did leave my body going "what the heck?" I decided to give the mile a try again. I wanted to beat my time but I was going to do it without looking at my Sports Tracker app because I simply wanted to see if I could do it a second day in a row. 

I started off really strong. I felt my speed was up and that I was breathing even better than the day before. I did the same route, so I knew when I needed to look at my app and this is what I saw:

In case you didn't notice, I beat my time by 26 seconds and increased my average speed by .2. My maximum speed was 6.6. Yesterday it was 6.0. When I saw the time and stopped the timer, I literally started crying. I started walking home with Jeremy Camp (christian music) in my ear buds while I just cried. I kept saying, "Thank You Lord. Thank You for my strength"For the first time in probably ever...I was proud of myself. I was ready to shout it to the moon and back! I did it! 

So after doing some laundry and visiting with Aislinn (always so nice to go hang out and see my crazy nieces) I went home and made lunch. Here is what I had:

Lean turkey, cheese, tomato, lettuce, a smidge of ranch, bean chips and a half of a grapefruit. 

After having lunch I decided to treat myself to a movie. The Hangover III. It was HILARIOUS! Go watch it! I was also proud of myself because I used to LOVE a huge dr. pepper and a bucket of popcorn, but today I took my own healthy snakes. Cheese stick and a nature valley peanut butter granola. yummy. 

Got pretty to go to a movie! 

After the movie, I went to Laura's to do a workout with her and Jason. They had already done a workout but were awesome enough to let me do mine at their house plus they did another circuit with me! :) I accomplished my planks again! A couple weeks ago I gave Laura the worst attitude because I felt like I wasn't strong enough but last night and tonight I did them!

After a long day of successes and spending time with awesome people, I'm tired! I have work tomorrow and then on Friday I will be heading to WA to spend time with my family. I won't have cell or internet access so expect a full on report when I get back! It will be challenge to eat clean around family and graduation parties but I have a gym back home and I'm excited to see what I can accomplish on my own at home for 5 days!!! 

Here is a pic I'm going to share with everyone. On the LEFT: 3 weeks ago. RIGHT: today! I see a difference! Loving results. Progress pics play a huge role in my motivation. The numbers of course do too and the way I feel but when I feel down, I look back at comparison pictures and it all proves to me WHY I'm doing it!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

I challenged myself and I succeeded!

This morning I woke up and made a my oh so famous protein shake! :) Followed was 2 (not my usual 1) vitamin b complex pills. I typically take one but with my bad moods, depression, and being on my  monthly friend, Laura and I agreed I should up it to 2. :) 

I told myself last night I wanted to try out the new app I downloaded: Sports Tracker. So, I decided that I've never ran a full mile without stopping so I was going to see how long it would take me. I told myself to go as slow and steady as long as I didn't stop or walk. Here is my route and my time! 

 So, I'm not a runner and I have no idea what a good pace is, how long it should take to run a mile or the distance I should have ran in 12 minutes, but for my body and for still being over 200 lbs, I'm so damn proud of this. I'm proud because I didn't stop. I kept moving even if it was a feet didn't stop moving. And for me, that's win enough! Now, I will keep doing this every couple of days to see if my time gets better and to just mess around with the app, so be sure to watch me win those little battles too!! Hahaha. 

After a light snack (half a cup of left over protein shake and a cheese stick) I went to Aislinn's house to visit for a couple hours. I knew I had to stay on my eating schedule so I headed home and made some yummy tilapia with carrots, cucumbers, and broccoli.

 Then I cleaned my kitchen and hung out. My legs were bit sore after the run (next time I will be stretching a bit afterward). I decided to try out a modified recipe I saw a while ago on Spark Recipe. The recipe was for stuffed chicken breasts. They had a sauce to make, but I chose to make it a little more sauces aren't my favorite. I took chicken breasts and stuffed them with spinach, a slice of lean turkey breast, and a pinch of cheese. I seasoned it with pepper and Mrs. Dash. Then on the side I had a small tomato and part of a cucumber. I had a lot of veggies in my lunch so I wanted to go light and not resort to pasta or rice. Check it out! I really liked the chicken! :) It was a tad dry, so I'm assuming that's why they had the sauce but I thought it was okay anyway.

 After dinner, I wanted to go try the U-Swirl place out here in Missoula. I have gone to a Fro-Yo before in Spokane and I remember that there was equal ratio between healthy and bad so I was expecting a lot of healthy options at U-Swirl. Now, I know that I'm not Einstein when it comes to nutrition and I still have a lot to learn but let me tell you something!!!! I freaked out standing in that store! 

1. I'm not confident ordering or eating food that I don't prepare. It's scary. 

2. There were TOO many choices. 

3. The ratio from healthy toppings to unhealthy was ridiculous!

Now, the place charges 44 cents per oz. So, at the end of the frozen yogurt bar, you weigh your item and you pay. So, of course the idea is to not load up on heavy toppings. The fruits that they did have were: kiwi, banana, strawberry. They had some nuts and trail mix and also some coconut shavings. Everything else was every type of m&m, candy bar, cheese cake bites, cookie dough chunks, etc etc. It was rediculous. I stood there with my frozen yogurt and didn't know what to do! The fruit would definately weigh it down and I wasn't willing to get ripped off with fruit but I also wanted a nice treat. So I put a little chocolate chips on the top and called it good. 

I do not feel bad at all about eating the yogurt as dessert. It hit the spot and I didn't feel like I went over board at all. I'm still scared to eat out and it did give me a bit of anxiety but I'm glad I made a smart choice today. Who knew this whole thing was so mental?! 

So, I chatted with Laura and we agreed to do a late night workout because she spent the day at her in-laws. When I was putting on deoderant, I noticed something I see every single day. My arm pits. If you remember from previous post, I have PCOS and an indicator/symptom was boils and sever damage under my armpits and the fact I didn't sweat under them for 4 years. So, becuase I've had so many people ask why I don't sweat under my arms and why I cover up my arms and don't lift my hands high....this is why:

The darkness is not hair or growing hair; it's damage. You can see the outline where I had blisters that literally bled and scabbed over. (Sorry if that's gross but it's true). So, when I'm on my period or have a cyst (hormonal imbalance) they get really red and burn. So, I just wanted to share that with everyone in the hopes that other women will take notice if their body is doing the same thing. Our bodies talk to us daily and it's so important to listen to them! 

 So, we did our workout for the night. Laura, Jason, and I KILLED it for a hour straight! We did the following: 

15 elevated pushups
15 rows (each arm)
15 static lunges with weights
15 squats with weights rising above the head
20ish slides??
40 donkey kicks (each leg)
30 second plank
15 second risen upward plank ??? ha
15 second plank

Repeated circuit 3 times. On the 3 rep we increased everything by 5. 

Then we did this video. Everything Jillian said to do we did and repeated it 3 times as well! (Laura, if I missed anything, let me know! Or if you could tell me the real name of the exercise that would be cool) Hahaha

This is what we looked like after! Minus Jason. We should force him to take pics with us next time haha. I'm glad he has been so active doing the circuits with us! :) It's nice to have a little group and to laugh about stuff. 

 So, it's after midnight and I need to get some rest so I can get up early and kill it with some clean eating and working out! I also need to get ready for my up and coming trip to Washington at the end of the week. :) Thanks so much for reading and supporting me! I'm almost at 2,000 views!! 


Saturday, May 25, 2013

7 weeks.

Today was weigh in day. All week I've done well with my eating; definitely followed the 90/10 rule instead of a 100 like usual. So this morning in the chaos of running late to go yard saleing with Laura, Aislinn, and Aislinn's step mom I had to weigh in. I woke up 7 minutes late (after we were supposed to leave) so I was freaking out and Laura had just pulled up to my house so I caught her off guard as she was literally waking up. Haha. 

It was an interesting first 5 minutes of waking up. So after I immediately emptied my bladder, I weighed in. I'll be honest, the first words out of my mouth were, "Are you F****ing kidding me?" This is what I saw:

 I was pissed! I knew that with our workouts/runs/circuits that I couldn't have gained 4 lbs. Thankfully, I didn't get time to think much about it because we had to run out and go yard saleing! Today was an OFF day for me eating wise. I didn't eat breakfast (wow...that hasn't happened in almost 50 days!). 

Anyway, yard saleing I found some stuff for my sister Christy, a new purse, a nice pair of workout yoga capri pants, a side table, and a new rug! :) It was pretty cool! 

Then we all went to the farmers market. I don't know why I haven't ever gone to it before! It was AWESOME! All of the fresh produce & hand made items from locals is something I will completely buy and support! 

I found some of the BEST local knapweed honey, banana chocolate chip bread, and a couple of these cool dish washing scrubbers. Pretty neat! :) 

So, for any guys reading this post....skip to the next paragraph. When we got back and unloaded all  of the day's purchases and treasures I of course had to pee like a race horse (although I didn't drink any water or didn't eat for three hours). When I went to the bathroom I discovered....I STARTED MY PERIOD! *sigh* I didn't actually gain 4 lbs, it was from my period....I felt a bit better. So I won't be weighing in until June 9. Why? Because next weekend I'll be away from the computer and cell service and on the 9th, Laura and I will be doing my measurements!

Once we all got back, Laura had a feather up her behind or something and wanted to do something productive. I just wanted a nap or to lay on my couch, but I invited her to come over and help me with a project. Check out what we did! The bed side table was found by a dumpster FOR FREE and the mirror was a $5 find at a yard sale a month or so ago. 

The mirror color matches my new rug & the bed side table matches my bed spread as an accent color! :) Whoo hoo! Thanks Laura for your help! 

After a break out of the sun I went to Laura's for dinner. It was Indian Tacos! That's right. No depriving for this girl! I had a small piece of fry bread with chilli, cheese and lettuce. I loved every single bite of it! :) Thanks Laura! 

So, now, I'm going to end this totally relaxed day and PASS OUT!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Fighting Demons

I guess I'll start off with the bad and choose to end on a positive note. 

Today's workout was hard. It was hard physically and mentally. Honestly, I know it was more mental than anything else because I wanted to cry and I typically don't want to cry unless I can't express or comprehend how I feel. We (Laura, Jason, and I) did 45 pushups (easy part of the workout) and then decided to run up the mountain we hike in Bonner. 

Once we started getting going, I realized AGAIN how big I still am even though I feel great and feel like I've improved soooo much! I was reminded of my stomach, my thighs, my knees that ache from time to time, my lungs being weak, and my mental state of "Fat Chelsea". That's exactly what the issue was I felt HUGE. I felt horrible. For the first couple of minutes I was saying "Come on Chelsea, just do your best. You can hike this easy and you can also run...just give it your all". 

I'll be honest, yes, I tried and I did run even as my legs were burning and my knee was like "wtf?" and my lungs felt like they were collapsing. I don't know why I got so defeated, but I guess I just thought my body could do a little more and of course do it a little better. 

I'm really proud and impressed by Jason though. He pushed and ran straight to the top. Laura hung back with me when I needed a walking break. I seriously can't wait until no one has to wait or slow down for me. 

So, yeah, the workout was though and it didn't leave me with ALL positive feelings but I like that my legs are still sore and that I know I had a good sweat. And, next time, I'll try harder...and give it my all. And eventually, I'll get there. I need to remember I still have so much more weight to lose and I still have so much further to go on this journey. 

So, on a positive note. I woke up this morning and walked by the mirror to see someone I haven't seen in a while. Given that I was in all black and in spandex...but I felt like I looked different just a little bit more "healthier". I would have never taken a picture in a tank top and spandex shorts 6 weeks ago but because I felt awesome this morning, I DID!!! 
 I also was looking through my pictures from when Laura and I first started hiking and look what I found--the picture on the left and today is the picture on the right. I know the standing position is different & my clothes are different, but still...

I have a lot to be proud of, even on days like today where I feel like I took a couple steps back. I'm living a life that many don't make the choice to live. I'm determined and have showed so much dedication that I can't give up. I won't give up. (I love how this is turning into a little pep talk to myself. Haha). 

    Whatever tomorrow brings, I'll give it my all. I'll make it different from today. I won't allow myself to beat my mind down by calling myself fat or HUGE again. 

We all have demons...every single day. It just so happens that mine showed themselves today.  

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Count Your Blessings...Every. Single. Day

Today, I woke up BEFORE my alarm went off. Weird, I know! Haha. 

I want to start off by saying THANK YOU for such positive and unbelievable feedback and reresponse to last night's posting about my PCOS. I had a lot of people on Instagram find my blog and reply in such a loving and supportive way! I even had a couple women find that my symptoms are similar to their own, which made them want to go see the doctor. It's all about knowledge and prevention ladies!


I had a banana, strawberry, organic fat free milk with metabolic drive protein powder for breakfast! Hating breakfast, I've found a protein shake goes and stays down easier!

For lunch I had a chicken burger with lettuce and tomato on top with a salad. 

Now, lets talk about my FAVORITE part of the day! Last week my Nana had a check up (a year after her colon surgery for her cancer) and the results came back today after they removed two polyps last week. CANCER FREE!!!!!! She doesn't have to go to get a colonoscopy for another 3 years! God is Great! ALL THE TIME! 

I spent a good 15 minutes crying to the Creator in thanks and absolute happiness. My nana is my life, next to my mom and I'm so happy that her fight and determination shows that she can overcome ANYTHING!  

Need a laugh? Here you go!   

Laura, Jason, and I did two seperate circuits :) 

 Laura posts daily workout challenges on her facebook page "Lets Lose It Together". Check it out & ask to join! She has a great outline for meals and nutritional guides for a low carb, high protein diet! :) She also has "healthified" recipes!

I wasn't wanting to workout AT ALL, which I knew meant I had to no matter what. This whole week has been difficult for me. I know it's my 6 weeks and that I might be running on empty or might be getting restless, but every single day I keep telling myself to keep pushing. I'm not sure how I feel about weigh in day. I know I've been working out and eating well (maybe not as often and as on time as usual and I've had a little more sodium than usual) but I know I'm giving it my best in my current "funk".

So, the next couple of days I really need to push myself to the point where I just feel PROUD of a non scale accomplishment. I think a trip home will help too, I know I'm missing my family A LOT! It's been almost 6 months since I've been home. 

I plan on making a daily workout plan before I go home so I can go to the community center and workout during my vacation home. I need to show myself that I can go on "vacation" and still eat clean and workout. If I can do that next week, I don't care what the scale will say the following Saturday! 

Check out what I had for dinner! A deer roast that cooked in the crock pot ALL DAY LONG! It was delicious. One of the best meals I've had in a long time! 

So, I still have to make my lunch for tomorrow, I'm thinking tilapia with a salad and fresh veggies

I'm getting pretty tired already and it's only 10, so I'm off to make a quick lunch and then head to bed. I hope everyone has a great night and day tomorrow! :)