Monday, April 22, 2013


After my fiasco with the three cookies today at work; I was feeling really defeated. I decided to throw on my nikes and hike. I told myself to just give it my all. I found myself talking outloud to motivate me. 

"You want results? This is how!"
"You can do this, you've done it before"

When I reached the first switch back, I decided to do 30 squats and stretch (the second stretch of the hill is always the worst). 

I RAN the second switch back! It felt amazing! I knew that the only way to feel "okay" about the whole cookie issue is if I made up for it in my workout...and I did. Two weeks ago, I would have never been able to run up the second switch back. 

WHOO HOO! Check out the pictures! :)  
At the bottom.

Half way up the second stretch. Ran up, took a break, snapped the picture, & then hit the trail again!


So proud of myself

This marks the top!!! :) Took it to send to Laura!



  1. Thanks! Had you in the back of my head the whole time!! :) Can't wait for tomorrow!