Friday, November 8, 2013

My Body Responding to Change

I hurt. My back, shoulders, shoulder blades, calves, hands, obliques, quads, ankles, abs, and forearms hurt like hell. I feel like I was in a car accident. 

My goal this month is to challenge myself physically and see results by staying dedicated and consistent. I chose fasted cardio because of my trouble areas. My plan is to do fasted cardio 4 consecutive days. I chose to start on Friday and go until Monday. I would also do an additional workout on those days, so it would be considered "2 a days" for four days out of the week. 

Last week (November 1-4), I did Friday-Sunday and Monday morning had a really stiff knee and chose to let it rest and decide on how hard I would push it that night. Luckily, it popped a second time (this happens from time to time) and it felt like normal. That night I decided to push myself with my workout and did intervals of sprinting and light jogging after my initial 30 minute elliptical and circuit full body training.  I definitely made up for my lack of fasted cardio and experienced my first "runners high". I got it from short distance sprints on the university indoor track. 

I chose to take Tuesday as my rest day where I did absolutely NOTHING and loved every second of it. My eating has been on point. I honestly feel like a mental switch has occurred again, I don't struggle with having to remind myself to eat healthy, it just happens. I of course want to pay attention since I am working out a bit harder and may have to up my calories on certain days, but so far, I've felt wonderful. 

Wednesday, I finally met Krystal and her friend Sasha at Title Boxing Club in Missoula. (You may remember a previous post about it and how it kicked my butt?). We received 2 free weeks when we ran the Diva Dash 5k in town. Having had participated in a "Power Hour" class before I felt a little more mentally prepared than my first time. The instructor was great and we had a lot of fun while our bodies were screaming from new challenges and techniques. 

Thursday, I was a bit sore in my arms and shoulder blades than I expected. Krystal, Sasha, Alesha, and I decided to head off to kickboxing again. It was Alesha's first class! We were pretty sore and stiff, but the staff was right by coming and getting the kinks out the next day. Our instructor was definitely more fast paced and intense then our Wednesday instructor which was awesome...although my body doesn't agree. 
Today (Friday) I'm feeling very sore and it is taking me everything I have to go to the gym in a hour. I'm excited to just do cardio and SWEAT, but I know my body seems a bit stiff so I think some stretching will have to be in the plan. 

This 3 day weekend is full of fun new workouts, and I'm so excited to share with you all! 


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