Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sometimes You Have a Bad Day

Well, I didn't workout today. Instead, I cleaned my entire house. For breakfast I had 1/3 cup egg whites with one whole egg (eating just egg whites all the time gets matter how much you jazz them up), I added lean turkey, tomato, and reduced fat cheese to the eggs. On the side I had two veggie patties and one kiwi. It was protein packed and delicious. 

I was so busy cleaning house all afternoon I didn't realize what time it was until roughly 5pm so I decided to wait until dinner (bad idea).  

For dinner I made quartered roasted red potatoes with pita pizzas and green beans (from the can)...I think I was getting lazy. 

I ate more potatoes than I should have and the green beans just felt bad...(not fresh...isn't the same!). 

For dessert I had a little packet of the Skinny Cow Clusters (120 calories per packet). The chocolate was a nice treat. 

Today, I could have done the following to make it a better day:

Go for a walk before the snow hit! 
Eat every 2-3 hours like I have been to boost my metabolism
Drink more water
Added a salad to my dinner so I wouldn't have had so many potatoes

But, because I know we all have bad days, I plan on KILLING IT on a workout tomorrow to make up for today. I just need to stay focused even on days that are a little "off". I'm just glad I didn't have bad stuff in my house...makes eating healthy a little easier. 

I hope everyone is staying warm and out of the snow!         

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