Sunday, April 21, 2013

Two Weeks!

Yesterday marked exactly two weeks that I've eaten clean, worked out, and logged all of my successes and struggles. :) It really went by fast. Usually, when I get on health kicks my flame dies out around the first weekend. Not the case this time! :) It's more of a mind change really, I don't see it as a struggle or battle within me to make the right choices. I know what I have to do, so nothing is stopping me. 

Laura, her husband, Jason, her four kiddos and I walked the Kim William's Trail from the university down to the skate park, roughly 2.7 miles! Then we took the kiddos to the duck park...what entertainment! Hahaha! 

After our hike I went over for tilapia (which was delicious--first time having it). For dessert we had her healthi-fied peach cobbler! :) Check out this peach cobbler recipe! Click HERE!

I'm not sure what today's workout will be. My body is still pretty sore from Friday's workout! I'm off to clean house...

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