Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Emotional Day...Cry, Don't Eat.

I just had another reminder about why exactly I am doing this...

January 2012, my Nana (grandma) was diagnosed with colon cancer, and just days later, my Uncle Marvin was also diagnosed with colon cancer. Both of them, stage 3 or 4. My nana told me "doesn't matter what stage it is, i'm going to beat we will just call it 'cancer' that's it."

My nana is a texting queen now (since I moved away from home) and she told me that this past Mnoday she went into a doctors appointment for a check up because of the amount of pain she is having.

Last Mother's Day, she had surgery which removed the cancer and had her have a bag for bathroom purposes until Father's Day. (weird...I know..her surgey dates..)

So, since almost a year ago, she has been in a lot of pain. She is currently waiting for the phone call from the doctor about the colonscopy and gall bladder scans that were taken on Monday.

Am I scared of cancer? Yes.

Do I want to be healthy to reduce my risks? Yes.

Did I ever think my nana (who is healthy) would get cancer? No.

I get the fact that cancer can happen to anyone, but if I put in more time toward my health, I could add more years on to my life.

Losing my nana is my biggest fear...and someday I don't want my kids or grandkids having this same fear. The fear that makes you cry at work because the thought of your loved ones being in pain and being sick is terrifying.

Asking for prayers for my Nana and family.

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