Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Give Yourself Credit

I took a break from working out today. Had errands to run and people to spend time with. 

It was my co-workers birthday and I'm grateful I work in an environment that encourages healthy eating. Instead of pizza and cake, we had fresh fruits and healthy muffins! :) Temptation wasn't even an option today! 

I went to Costco & Walmart for food for the next couple of weeks and I do admit, clean eating is pretty spendy...compared to what I was spending before. 

Anyway...I wanted to make a comment on a type of progress I took notice of today. I went into the bathroom to find a bobby pin and out of the corner of my eye I saw my reflection and LITERALLY did a double take. My shoulders are more pronounced and I can slightly see my collar bones. The best part? My face looks thinner. I'm finally seeing results. :) I just stood there and looked at my shoulders and face in disbelief. All of my hard work is right in front of me instead of memories and sore muscles. 

I want everyone out there to remember to take it day by day. I hope that on Saturday when I weigh in I'll be another 1 lbs less...AT LEAST anyway. I'll take whatever I get, really, but if I can do 1 lbs a week for the next couple of weeks I'd be so grateful. I know pulling big numbers isn't in the cards all the time so I'm going to just give it all I have and accept whatever is on that scale.   

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