Sunday, April 28, 2013


So, I didn't work out for 3 days. Wasn't too proud of that. I had some emotional/dramatic events take place at the end of the week and I really just got lost in my own head and emotions. I definately felt overwhelmed. 

One of the days I also didn't eat like I should have. I did more snacking. Given, all the food in my house is healthy, I should have stuck to a set schedule like I usually do. 

I was supposed to post my weight yesterday, but I think the picture got deleted, so I'm going to weigh in tomorrow morning and post the numbers then. :) Then I'll continue to weigh in on Saturdays

Saturday, I went on a hike with Laura and her family near Bonner. The view was amazing and we even saw some big horn sheep. 

Isn't that a great picture? Click HERE for Laura's photography FB page. Click HERE for her professional website. Go Colyer Photography!

Here are some more pictures of the hike on Saturday

Overlooking the mill.

Laura with Lilly & Brayden

Lilly & I. Excuse our crazy hair, it was a bit windy!

Before my workout, my sister Aislinn and I went to a bunch of yard sales! I found a NICE juicer for $8.00 YAY! Then a TON of workout clothes and clothes smaller so I don't have to go out and buy brand new clothes during this process. 

Then last night I went out with my friend, Jordan. Here is a pic of when I got ready to go downtown. Also, another picture of some changes in my face since my weight loss journey began. 

Pretty happy. Seeing changes in my face. :)

Left side: New Years Eve. Right side: 2 weeks ago. 
 Here are some pictures of today's hike. After our hike Laura had me do some squats  (30, I think) 6 sets of lungs (round trip) and she and I worked my arms with weights and my resistance band! It was my first time using my resistance band and boy does it give you a good burn! I'm excited to use it more! :) 

Before workout :)

Lilly & Sophia checking out the scenary.


Making our way back down the mountain.

After Laura got done kicking my rear today! :)
 After my workout I came home and made dinner! I only ate half of one pita pizza, the other half is for lunch tomorrow :) 

Preping! :) Chicken cooked with garlic, parsley, crushed black pepper and lemon juice. 2 Tablespoons of ragu sauce (I need to find a healthier substitution), diced tomato, cut lean turkey slices, cheese, and fresh cilantro.

Baking!! :)

Top: Preping food :) Bottom row: before baking, baked, final product.

Final Product :)
 I think this sums up the last four days! Check in tomorrow for my weigh in! :) Crossing my fingers I am on track :)

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