Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Pump It Up

Monday night we went hiking, I decided to push a little deeper and then I had Laura's son on my back for a couple of switch backs. He's 40 pounds :)

My little buddy and I hiking and then a beautiful scenary! :)

I really want to accomplish my -15 lbs by Saturday so I told Laura and she agreed to pump it up with our workouts. Today we had a pretty intense cardio/strength training circuit. 

After our workout and cool down walk around the neighborhood.

Definately a protein powder night!

Today's meals have been great and I've been drinking a ton of water because I'm menstruating. It's so important to drink water so your body doesn't retain it during that "time of the month". 

Laura will be helping me with taking my measurements once I hit the -15 lbs. I wish I would have started taking pictures and everything before hand, but it's okay. :)  
Face is slowly changing. :)

Please, excuse my messy bathroom.
 Today has been a really good day. I can't wait for tomorrow's workout. More arm workouts to tone up. :) 

I ended my day with a nice relaxing evening on the couch (yes, I get to be lazy because of the amount of work I put in). My sister, Aislinn sent me this picture from her back yard. Made me miss my granny so much more, but it's a huge symbol of what is going on in my life and so many other's lives as well. 
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Please, if you're working on your self and your health, DON'T GIVE UP!!!! 

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